Online Exam Management

Are You Looking for a robust Online Exam Management System?

We offer an easy-to-use cloud-based Exam platform as an integral part of Swift HCM suite. Managing examinations has never been easier. Our Exam portal enables you to CREATE, MANAGE, EVALUATE AND ANALYZE your EXAMS . The powerful reporting tool allows you to evaluate and analyze learner’s progress along with business results.

Our exam software is designed to provide complete assessment solution for schools, colleges, universities, coaching institutes, etc. It can be fully customized as per your needs.


Swift HCM’s online Exam management software can be tailored to meet your exam requirements. It offers endless possibilities to create, conduct and review your exams.

The simple user interface enables you to create and administer online exams in the most robust way. Educators, tutors and corporate trainers can simply add the questions with a few clicks in minutes and deliver the tests. Rest assured, your data remains safe and secure.

The dashboard provides a quick overview of:

  • Enrolled Users
  • Exams & Categories
  • Top Exam Enrollments
  • Most Active Exams
  • Weekly Stats
  • Exams based on category, etc.

Question Panel feature allows you to add, edit or delete your questions effortlessly. It allows you to choose wide range of question types with different levels of complexity.

  • Single Choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Fill in the blanks
  • True / False
  • Match the following

Create your exams & categories with great ease and provide learners with effective feedback.

  • Defining exam duration, maximum marks, number of questions from each category, etc.
  • Auto-assigned questions based on category
  • Randomize your questions and answers


  • Smooth User Enrollment: Either Admin can enroll trainees/students or Users can themselves self-enroll and attempt the exams
  • Exam Instructions page allows users to go through the instructions before taking the exams
    • Provides at a glance information – exam duration, questions, marks and so on
  • After attempting the exam, users can view their results straightaway:
    • Exam Summary
    • User Performance Graph based on question complexity
    • Result Graph
    • Question Analysis

The detailed tracking and analytical tools help you:

  • Gain insights into learning experiences within seconds with real-time exam reports and stats
  • Track user performance and exam completion status by score, username , date and time
  • Assess the effectiveness of your exam while improving the quality

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