It is quite important that the administration leverages technology to increase citizen participation in order to spread their programs among masses. The greatest threat to the society by the rapid technological changes that have taken place during the recent years is the displacement of labor by the technology. The Commissionerate
“Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out~ Stephen R Covey“ This morning, I came across this thought provoking quote as part of my regular email digest from Forbes. This made me think effective management is now a necessity for an organization. For the
I had just finished reading the MoM sent by Marketing team after the regular weekly meeting. We had discussed on growing our business opportunities in North America region. The team suggested we do a marketing campaign there as it has a great potential. Coincidentally, the same evening, I received an
One fine Wednesday evening when I was busy planning for the following Sunday, my manager called me and asked if I was available to attend a Technical Seminar on Sunday. Before I could say something, he quickly handed over a ticket to me and said, 9 AM, 30th Aug, 2015,
If you have ever wondered what makes a Software Project success with least efforts, lot of factors run through your mind. Possible critical success factors could be high caliber Resources, control over requirements, strong client involvement and top of all, an Established Process. Here in this post, I would like